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Mixing Tips for Weld-On #42, 50 ml Cartridge Dispensing Gun

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This is the mixing tip that is used for the IPS's Weld-On #42 50ml Cartridge and applicator gun.. It is a two-component 10:1 reactive, high strength acrylic based adhesive that provides "museum quality" water clear joints. It has excellent weatherability. Mil Spec A-8576C DIRECTIONS FOR USE Always wear safety glasses and disposable polyethylene gloves. Load cartridge into adhesive dispenser and remove nose plugs from the cartridge by unscrewing the retaining nut. Dispense a small amount of the resin and catalyst from the cartridge by depressing the trigger. Make sure both materials flow freely from the cartridge, checking for any blockages. Place the mixer tip on the cartridge and secure the remaining nut. Discard the first 6-12 inches of the material and proceed. IF THE MATERIAL IS NOT COMPLETELY USED WITH ONE APPLICATION, IT CAN BE PRESERVED. Leave the mixer tip in place and its presence will temporarily reseal the cartridge. To restore the cartridge to its original state, remove the used mixer tip, clean the threaded areas thoroughly ensuring there is NO crossover of the two components. Remove any blockages that may have formed in the nose area. DO NOT FORCE BLOCKAGES BACK INTO THE CARTRIDGES. Always use a new mixer tip. Never attempt to force material through a blocked opening or a used mixer tip. Discard the first 6-12 inches of material whenever a new tip is used.